Garden Planner Journal and Log Book


A Complete Gardening Organizer Notebook for Garden Lovers to Track Vegetable Growing, Gardening Activities and Plant Details

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Are you looking for a practice way to get organized with your gardening, keep records and grow your dream garden? Then, our handy and easy-to-use Garden Planner Journal and Log Book is perfect for you!

This book will help you plan and organize your future garden projects. In addition, our book will help you keep track of what you've planted and when, take notes on what to do better, so you won't repeat mistakes, and allow you to track each plant you choose, from its beginnings in your garden through the growing season.


- Monthly Garden Calendar & Tasks;

- Garden Layout;

- Seasonal Tasks & Checklist;

- Seed Purchase & Inventory;

- Plant Log;

- Fertilizer Inventory;

- Gardening Budget;

- Seed Starting Log;

- Pest & Disease Control;

- Seasonal Notes

Book features:

✔ Detail-oriented, organized, and accurate;

✔ Double-sided;

✔ Perfect for recording your progression;

✔ Excellent for beginners and advanced alike;

✔ Glossy paperback cover.

This book makes an excellent gift for every woman or man that love gardening. So scroll up and add to your cart now!