Financial Statements

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This third edition of Financial Statements is simply the clearest and most comprehensive introduction to financial reporting available. No accounting background is required

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Thomas R. Ittelson is an expert at translating complicated financial topics in an accessible way for non-financial audiences. In this book, he empowers listeners by clearly and simply demonstrating how the three major accounting statements interact to offer a snapshot of a company’s finance.

This book teaches listeners how to use specialized accounting vocabulary and makes accessible the structure and purpose of the three major numeric statements that describe a company’s financial condition. Each statement paints a different and essential picture – the “three-legged stool” of company reporting: The income statement shows the manufacturing and selling actions of the company that result in profit or loss during a period. It gives a very important perspective on the company’s performance, its profitability. The cash flow statement details cash into and out of the company for a period. You need money to make money. Duh. The balance sheet records at the end of a period, an instant in time, what the company owns and what it owes, including the owners’ stake, called shareholders’ equity.